About department

Prosthodontics is the dental specialty pertaining to the diagnosis, treatment planning, rehabilitation and maintenance of the oral function, comfort, appearance and health of patients with clinical conditions associated with missing or deficient teeth and/or oral and maxillofacial tissues using bio-compatible substitutes.


Teaching Faculty


Dr.Tapan Kumar Patro

Professor & HOD

Dr.Angurbala Dhal

Associate Professor

Dr.Lokanath Garhnayak

Associate Professor

Dr.Rosalin Kar

Assistant Professor

Dr. Ullash Kumar

Assistant Professor

Dr. R Padmini Rani

(MDS, utkal university)
Senior Resident

Dr. Sreeprada Dash

Senior Resident


Sl. No.NameYear
1Dr.Purnendu Bhushan2013-2016 (Degree Awarded)
2Dr.Radhesyam Prasad Samantaray 2013-2016 (Degree Awarded)
3Dr. AnkitaAgrawal 2014-2017 (Degree Awarded)
4Dr. ShraddhaMahapatra 2014-2017 (Degree Awarded)
5Dr.Sourav Maji2015-2018 (Degree Awarded)
6Dr. AlokRanjanSasmal2015-2018 (Degree Awarded)
7Dr. Jenifer Kerketta 2016-2019(Degree Awarded)
8Dr.Rashmita Majhi 2016-2019(Degree Awarded)
9Dr.SukanyaSarangi Final Year
10Dr.Reni Elizabeth Mammen Final Year
11Dr Sreelakshmi R.K Second Year
12Dr Trinath Seth Second Year
13Dr. Sweta PattanaikFirst Year
14Dr. Vignesh S PandianFirst Year

Non-Teaching Faculties

Sl. No.NameDesignation
1Mr. Amiya Mohapatra Dental Mechanic
2Mr. Pratap Chandra Panda Dental Hygienist
3Mr. Amlan Jyoti Sahu Dental Technician
4Mr. Anar Naik Sweeper
5Mrs. Anjali Bal Staff Nurse
6Mrs. Tapaswini Mahunta Staff Nurse

Clinical Materials & Equipment

All the patients are managed in OPD service with following treatment modalities:

  • Removable Prosthesis : Partial dentures , Complete Dentures , Immediate Dentures , Overdentures , Maxillary Obturator , Mandibular Guiding Flange , Obstructive sleep apnoes prosthesis , Occlusal splint , Cast Partial Denture.
  • Fixed Prosthesis : Metal-ceramic crown , all ceramic crown , all metal crown , bridge (fixed dental prosthesis) , Full Mouth Rehabilitation , Porcelain and composite laminates.
  • Implant : Implant supported Crown , Implant supported partial dentures , Implant supported fixed dentures.
  • Facial Prosthesis : Eye , Ear , Nose in acrylic and RTV silicone.
  • Acrylic RPD and CD for partially and complete edentulous patient rehabilitation respectively.
1. Electrical Dental chairs and units.11. Composite kit21. Vacuum mixing machine31. Metal Polishing lit41. Magnifying work lamp
2. Articulators 12. Polishing Kit22. Pressure Moulding Machine32. Steam Cleaner42. Micro surveyor
3. High torque airotor and handpieces.13. Plaster Dispenser23. Duplicator33. Wax heater43. Prosthetic Components
4. Micromotor14. Model trimmer with carborundum disc24. Pindex system34. Wax Carver44. Unit Mount light cure
5. Autoclave15. Model Trimmer with diamond disc25. Burnout Furnace35. Dry Model Trimmer45. Educating models
6. Surveyor16. Vibrator26. Welder36. Curing Machine
7. X ray Viewer17. Acryliser27. Sandblaster37. Curing pressure pot
8. NeedleDestroyer18. Dewaxing Unit28. Electropolisher38. Ceramic Furnace
9. Pneumatic crown bridge remover19. Hydraulic Press29. Casting machine with motor cast with the safety door closure gas blow torch with regulator39. Ceramic Materials
10. Crown prep kit20. Mechanical Press30. Dewaxing Furnace40. Ceramic Polishing kit


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Other Activities


  • PG Degree Recognition by DCI.
  • Recognition of dental implant prosthesis treatment and sinus augmentation by HOD of Otolaryngology, SCBMCH , CUTTACK.
  • Analysis of speech achievement after maxillary obturator use (MDS THESIS) successfully carried on.
  • 3D finite element analysis of mandibular molar restored with different types of crown under mechanical and thermal stress (MDS THESIS) successfully carried on.
  • A Comparative study of antifungal efficacy of different agents and their effects on the surface integrity of the tissue conditioners: An invitro study (MDS THESIS) successfully carried on.
  • A Comparative analysis of metal ceramic bond strength of fresh and recast alloys : An invitro study.(MDS THESIS) successfully carried on.


  • Metal Castings for Crown & Bridge , Post Core & RPD Framework.
  • Processing of sintered ceramics and pressable ceramics.
  • Acrylic and RTV Prosthesis.
  • Splints & Stents for various purposes.
  • Diagnostic Casts , study model of oral and facial structures.


  • Dental material science – 2 years theory and practical classes for 1st and 2nd BDS students.As per DCI curriculum for Second BDS University Examination.
  • Preclinical Prosthodontics classes for 1st and 2nd BDS students for Second BDS University Examination.
  • Prosthodontics theory and clinical classes to 3rd and final BDS students for Final BDS University Examination.
  • Seminar , Journal Club , Case Discussion and Dissertation of MDS Students.