The department of Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery aims & strives to provide high quality surgical treatment including the specialty medical services to needy people along with class education to the students. The department also provides outpatient service, Casualty & emergency services including indoor patient service as a tertiary referral hospital catering to the needs of the people of Odisha & neighboring states. The department boasts of Tele-Medicine services which is used for tele consultation to distant patients, follow up treatment, telemedicine conferences along with imparting distant medical education. Apart from regularly hosting national workshops on micro vascular surgery, we also had the honour of hosting the 38th National Conference of Association of Oral & Maxillofacial surgeons of India at Bhubaneswar in the year 2013.


Dr. Niranjan Mishra

Associate Professor

Dr. Shadab Ali Baig

Assistant Professor

Dr. Gyana Ranjan Sahu

Assistant Professor

Dr. Yangyasmith Mohanty

Assistant Professor (Anaesthesia)


Dr. Sonalika Kabi
Dr. Anita Mohanty
Dr. Anita Biswal
Dr. Wasim Allam


Dr. Monika Singh3rd Year   Dr. Priyanka Patra
2nd Year    
Dr. V. Mukillem                  
1st Year      
Dr. Sushree Sarita Swain      3rd Year   Dr. R. Vaishnavi             
2nd Year    
Dr. Ashirbad Mohanty               
1st Year      
Dr. Abhisek Jha         3rd Year   Dr. Sidhhartha Das   
2nd Year    
Dr. P.Sangavi
1st Year      


Adikanda Behera
(Dental Hygienist)
Nityananda Siminikia
Santosh Kumar Nayak
( D. E. O.)


Smt.Madhabilata Devi
Smt.A.Suryasmita Patro
Smt.SushriSangita Jena
Smt.TruptiRekha Satapathy
Smt.RashmiRekha Pradhan
Smt.Pramodini Mohapatra


1. The submental Island flap for Reconstruction of defects following excision in Oral Cancer.
2. Locking versus non-locking plating system in the treatment of mandible fracture.
3. Transdermal Buprenorphine patch as an analgesics in Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery.
1. Comparison between platelet-rich fibrin (PRF) and platelet- rich plasma (PRP) on the outcome of unilateral displaced fracture of mandible.
2. Evaluation of donor site morbidity after fibula free flap transfer in reconstruction of defects in oral and maxillofacial region.
3. Immediate dental implant placement with or without autogenous bone graft. A comparative study.
1. Comparison of Efficacy, Safety, Patient Compliance and cost effectiveness of transdermal diclofenac sodium patch, IM diclofenac sodium and oral diclofenac sodium, for pain relief following oral surgical procedure.
2. Prospective study of naso-orbito-ethmoid fracture patients in a tertiary care hospital of Odisha W.R.T etiology, incidence, clinical features and management.
1. Comparison of Bipolar Vessel Sealing System with Conventional Vessel Ligation in Supra Omohyoid Neck Dissection in Oral Cancer Patients.
2. A Comparative Evaluation between Three Dimensional Miniplates and Conventional Miniplates in Treatment of Mandibular Fractures.
1. Evaluation of Metastatic Cervical Lymph Nodes in Patients with Oral Squamous Cell Carcinoma
2. Comparison between levobupivacaine and lignocaine with adrenaline in lower third molar extraction.
1. One point versus two point fixation in zygomaticomaxillary complex fractures.
2. Comparison between I.V. dexmedetomidine & I.V. midazolam in patients undergoing day-care oral & maxillofacial surgical procedures.
1. Comparison of retromandibular and transparotid approach for management of mandibular condyle fracture.
2. Comparison of buccal pad of fat , nasolabial flap and radial forearm free flap in surgical management of oral submucous fibrosis.
1. Reconstruction of post-surgical mandibular defects.
2. Reconstruction of oral mucosal defects with human amniotic membrane graft.
1. Clinical evaluation of Ropivacaine & Bupivacaine in lower molar extractions.
2. Study of facial bone fractures in the population of Odisha.


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  1. Increase in bed strength.
  2. Single door entry & exit for patients.
  3. Craniomaxillofacial surgery.
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