The Department of Conservative Dentistry & Endodontics consists of two specialties Conservative dentistry & Endodontics. Conservative Dentistry deals with the treatment and rehabilitation of diseased, defective or destructured tooth. It also includes Cosmetic / Aesthetic corrections of teeth. Endodontics deals with root canal treatment and endo-surgery.

In an era wherein the world emphasis is on prevention and conservation, these two specialties play a very vital role in saving the teeth. The department is well equipped with state of the art instruments and materials, where the students are trained on the finer aspects of different treatment modalities. The faculty is highly committed to impart the highest quality of education to students and shape them to be good professionals.



Prof. Amit JenaProfessor & Head
Dr. RR MallickAssociate Professor
Dr. Soumya Kanta MohantyAssociate Professor
Dr. Priyanka SarangiAssistant Professor
Dr. Soumya Ranjan NandaAssistant Professor
Dr. Sushree Sangita KuanrSenior Resident
Dr. Ayushi BajoriaSenior Resident


Name DesignationPhoto
Mrs. Laxmipriya SahooStaff Nurse
Miss Nibedita MaharanaStaff Nurse
Mrs. Charulata DasPeon
Mr. Sanjeeb MohapatraChair side Attendant
Manas Kumar SethyChair side Attendant

Clinical Materials:

Restorative MaterialsEndodontic MaterialsPhoto
Glass Ionomer CementHand Files (K-files & H-files)
Zinc Oxide EugenolHand Protaper Files
Reinforced Zinc Oxide EugenolRotary Files
Calcium HydroxideGutta Percha
Light cure composite resinResin Sealers
Miracle MixMineral Trioxide Aggregate

Clinical Equipments :

SterilizationGlass bead sterilizer, Hand-piece sterilization units & Bench autoclaves.
Dental Chairs15 dental chairs with compressor, air-rotors, micromotors and 3-way syringes.
RadiologyRadiovisiography Unit with top model dental chair.
Pre-clinical39 Phantom heads with straight and contra-angled micro-motor attachments.



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