Oral Medicine and Radiology is unique in that it comprises of two different aspects of dentistry, Clinical and Radiographic diagnosis and is present at the crossroads of medicine and dentistry. The branch of Oral Medicine is involved in diagnosis and nonsurgical management of diseases of the orofacial region and systemic and behavioral disorders affecting the oral cavity. Some these diseases include Oral Precancer, Oral Cancer, management of complications of radiation therapy, Mucosal Diseases such as Lichen Planus and Pemphigus, Oro-Facial Pain, Temporomandibular Disorders, Salivary Dysfunctions, Oral complications of systemic illnesses and geriatric patients.


Maxillofacial Radiology is concerned with the radiographic diagnosis of various diseases affecting the teeth such as dental caries. The branch is also concerned with diagnosis of various benign and malignant tumors affecting the jaw bones as well as other diseases affecting the TMJ and the maxillary sinus.  The department offers undergraduate and post graduate training to students in the field of oral medicine and radiology. Dedicated sections are present each for UG and PG Students for providing students with an insight into various intricacies of the subject and also for providing adequate oral care to the patients.



Dr. Fakir Mohan Debta, MDS
Professor and HOD
personal profile

Graduated from SCB Dental College and Hospital and Completed MDS from GDC&H Ahmedabad.
Has a teaching experience of 14 years and is a PG Guide since last 7 years.
Field of interest: Oro Facial and Neuropathic Pain and Use of laser therapy in mucosal lesions
Dr. Shreeyam Mohapatra, MDS
Associate Professor
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Dr. Kunal Agarwal, MDS
Assistant Professor
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Completed his graduation and post graduation from Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences, Karnataka
Has Teaching Experience of more than 4 years
Field of Interest: Oral and Maxillofacial Imaging  Temporomandibular Disorders, Early detection of Oral Precancer and Cancer


SL.NoList of NamesPeriod
1.Dr. Kunal Agarwal2013-2016
2.Dr. Swetha Mishra 2014-2017
3.Dr. Shreeyam Mohapatra2016-2019
4.Dr. Rupsa Nayana Rout2019-2021
5.Dr. Pinali Das2021-2023
6.Dr. Suvranita Jena2022
7.Dr. Romali Panda2023


SL.NoList of NamesPeriod
1st Batch of PG StudentDr. Prashant Goyal2014-2017
2nd Batch of PG StudentDr. Ekagrata Mishra2017-2020
3rd Batch of PG StudentDr. Pooja Bohidar2018-2021
4th Batch of PG StudentDr. BDSJ Krishnapriya2019-2022
5th Batch of PG StudentDr Ajo Babu George
Dr. Sebati Murmu
Dr. Shruti Dash
6th Batch of PG StudentDr. Krishna Satpathy
Dr. Miraculie G Athisayakani
Dr. Shibani Mishra
7th Batch of PG StudentDr Dirangzeule Hau
Dr. Shelly Rai
Dr. Sonia Mundu


Sl. No.NameDesignation
1.Mr. Banamali BeheraRadiographer
2.Mr. Sujit Kumar SwainRadiographer
3.Mr. Niranjan MohapatraAttendant
4.Mrs Smitarani PandaStaff Nurse
5.Mr. Rashmi Ranjan RoutAttendant
6.Mr. Adwait Charan DasAttendant


The department is well equipped with advanced B Class autoclaves for optimum sterilization. Other equipments in the oral medicine section include electric pulp testers as well as TENS machines used for the treatment of MPDS and Other TMDs. The faculty and PG students also use various dyes for the early detection of oral precancer. The radiology section is also well equipped with advanced Digital OPG machine and Digital CMOS intra-oral sensor for intra-oral x-rays. This section also boasts the use of state of the art automatic film processor for processing of x-ray films. The department is also equipped with advanced and latest Cone Beam Computed Tomography (CBCT) system with dedicated workstations for advanced diagnostics of routine case and research purposes.



Dr Fakir Mohan Debta Cervicofacial necrotizing fasciitisJIAOMR
( PUVA) : an overview
A comparative study between oxcarbazepine and gabapentin regarding therapeutic efficiency and tolerability in the treatment of trigeminal neuralgiaJIAOMR
Malignant melanoma of left maxillary alveolus – a rare case report Applied Science Reports
Multidisciplinary approach for an initially misdiagnosed case of osteosarcoma in a medically compromised patientBr J of Medicine & Medical Research
Evaluation of infiltration of immunological cells ( tissue eosinophil in mast cell) in odontogenic cysts by using special stainsJournal of Clinical & Cellular Immunology
Evaluation of infiltration of immunological cells in oral sqamous cell carcinoma by using special stainsBr J of Medicine & Medical Research
Evaluation of prognostic significance of immunological cells infiltration in oral squamous cell carcinomaCancer Science & Therapy
Variation in SPC/STC as an indicator of age : a computer – aided forensic odontologyJIAOMR
Plasma therapy: an OverviewJIAOMR
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Fusion imaging: the double impactJIAOMR
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Dr Kunal Agarwal Effect of commonly available carbonated drinks in India, on the hardness of enamel and dentine of teeth- An vitro studyUUJDS
Ultrastructural and elemental analysis of sialolith and their comaprision with nephrolithsJICD
Tumor associated tissue eosinophilia as a predictor of locoregional recurrence in oral squamous cell carcinomaJCED
Extra – oral periapical radiography: a technique unveiledJIAOMR
Evaluation of conventional central ossifying fibromas of JawsInternational Medical Journal
Parry Romberg syndrome : report of two cases with rare dental skeletal findingsE journal of dentistry
Dr. Shreeyam MohapatraFacial and palatal talon cusp on a mesiodens associated with hyperdontia: a Rare occurrenceAnnals and Essence of dentistry
Giant Sialolith in Wharton’s duct with Perforation in Oral Cavity: Case ReportIndian Journal of Contemporary Dentistry
True Fibroma of Palate (A Case Report)IOSR Journal of Dental and Medical Sciences
Primary Oral Tuberculosis on the tongue mimicking Squamous Cell CarcinomaIndian Journal of Tuberculosis
Assessment of Oral Health among sea farers in Mundra Port, Kuch, Gujrat: A cross sectional studyInternational Maritime Health
Dr. Rupsa Narayan RoutDental imaging Array Technologies: A Review and updateIndian Journal of Mednodent & Allied Sciences
Bizygomatic distance of maxillary sinus morphometric evaluation using computed tomography images: A sexual dimorphic tool International journal of Anthropology and Forensic Ododntology




Oral Medicine and Radiology offers both undergraduate and a 3 year post graduate training leading to awarding of the degree of Master In Dental Surgery, MDS.
The UG students are taught how to take case histories and how to perform basic intra-oral examination under the supervision of the trained faculty members. They are also given training in how to take intra-oral radiographs and their interpretation.
The PG curriculum is followed rigidly as per the DCI guidelines. The PG students are subjected to regular chair side discussions as well as radiographic interpretation sessions by the PG Guide so as to equip them with optimum knowledge. Regular seminars and journal clubs held in the department keep the PG students well trained. The PG students are also encouraged to attend various CDE programs, national PG conventions and Conferences so that they can be abreast with the latest advancements in the subject. PG dissertations also form an important part of them learning how to progress in the field of research activities.


  • A CDE program on Forensic Odontology was organised on the eve of National Oral Medicine Day 2022 with Dr. Soumya Ranjan Nayak, Associate Professor, Dept of Forensic Medicine and Toxicology, SCBMCH as the guest speaker.
  • The department organised the OMTA CON-2022 (Odisha Medical Teachers’ Association Conference- 2022) in SCB MCH with the theme “Unmasking a New Realm in Healthcare.” The event was a grand success and provided a platform for faculties coming for all the government colleges for sharing ideas and knowledge.


Success Story/Achievement:

  1. The department became a Post Graduate Department in the year 2014. The first batch of PG student passed out in the year 2017.
  2. Dr Fakir Mohan Debta was joint editor of the Journal of Indian Academy of Oral Medicine and Radiology, in the year 2010-2011. He was also the treasurer and in The National OOO Conference held in Raipur in 2011.
  3. Dr Fakir Mohan Debta has been invited as a guest speaker on oral health in the various television programmes on “Aragyo Bharatam” televised on Dordarshan Odiya, held time to time.
  4. Dr. Kunal Agarwal was awarded with best Faculty Paper Presentation at the National OOO conference in 2015.
  5. Post Graduate Student Dr. Prashanta Kumar Goyal was awarded with Best Paper presentation at the National IAOMR PG Convention 2016
  6. Dr Shreeyam Mohapatro was selected as a reviewer in the Journal of Dental Specialities
  7. Dr. Shruti Dash won Best Paper award for her original research at the 32nd National IAOMR conference held at Khamman, Andra Pradesh.
  8. Dr. Shruti Dash won Best Paper award for her original research at the 33rd National IAOMR conference held at KIDS, BBSR.
  9. Dr. Ajo Babu George won Best Paper award for his original research at the 33rd National IAOMR conference held at KIDS, BBSR
  10. Dr. Krishna Satpathy was awarded the Purbasa Nayak Memorial Award for the Best Poster Presentation at the 33rd National IAOMR conference held at KIDS, BBSR.
  11. Dr Fakir Mohan Debta and Dr. Ekagrata Mishra have collectively published a book on LASER and its role in Oral Medicine.
  12. Video of upcoming Triple O to be organised in the campus by the Department.
  13. Dr Fakir Mohan Debta has been invited as a guest speaker on oral cancer and its impact in programmes televised on Dordarshan Odiya on the eve of World Cancer Day.
  14. Live telecast link for the program titled – “ORAL CANCER- SYMPTOMS, CAUSES AND TREATMENT” telecasted in DD ORIYA .



Upcoming Events:

  • National Oral Medicine Day celebration in association with IAOMR on 24th April, 2022. Both academic and non-academic events are to be organised by the department. Quiz and debate competition for post graduate students in SCB Dental College and Hospital..
  • National Triple O Symposium -2024 will be held in the campus in April 2024.